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Stratford athletes shine at county track and field

Stratford Editorial 21st May, 2014 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016   0

STRATFORD Athletic Club enjoyed a incredibly successful weekend at the Warwickshire Track & Field Championships in Nuneaton, gaining a huge number of medals and lots of valuable competitive experience, while exhibiting all the hallmarks of a supportive and positive team.

Championship records were set by Rory Dwyer in the Under 17 Men’s High Jump and 100m Hurdles and Jack Sumners in the Under 15 Boys 80m Hurdles. Rory’s winning height of 2.13m increases his lead in the UK Under 17 rankings to 13cm and puts him joint 10th in the UK Senior rankings.

Results: 100m Senior Men – Alex Grant (2nd, 11.14); 100m U15 – Daniel Boyd (4th, 12.19), Jack Sumners (5th, 12,56), Lucas Spencer (8th, 14.33); 100m U13 – Zephan Boxall (2nd, 13.55; 13.53 in his Heat), Michael Boyd (3rd, 13.70; 13.57 in his Heat), Cole Williams (5th, 14.51), Joel Hinton (8th, 15.64); 100m U15 – Dani Horton (2nd, 12.98; 12.69 in her Heat), Jess Sheppard (6th, 13.74; 13.54 in her Heat); 100m U13 – Barunka Lowe (4th, 14.14), Imogen Sheppard (6th, 14.39) ran 14.25 in her heat (-0.9), Charlotte Gravelsons (Heat – 7th, 16.98); 100m U20 – Amelia Coulson (1st, 26.52); 200m U15 – Charlotte Ledden (Heat 5th, 29.91), Ally Keays heat (Heat – 7th, 31.16), Emily Madden Forman (Heat – 1st, 27.04), Maddy Snow (Heat 4th, 28.90), Charlotte Rigby (Heat – 6th, 29.46), Emily Smith (Heat – 7th, 31.59); 200m U13 – Lucy Smith (3rd, 28.69), Imogen Sheppard (4th, 28.94), Gabriella Porter heat (Heat – 4th, 32.27), Bethany Cate (Heat – 5th, 32.33), Holly Appleton (Heat – 6th, 34.20), Jasmine Williams (Heat – 5th, 31.64); 300m U15 – Jess Sheppard (2nd, 43.76); 800m U15 – Eugenia Bessey (=3rd, 2.29.16), Jess Sheppard (=3rd, 2.29.16), Hannah Bexson (Heat – 2.54.39); 800m U13 – Imogen Sheppard (1st, 2.33.04), Daisy Musk (3rd, 2.43.95), Gabriella Porter (5th, 3.02.01), Bethany Cate (6th, 3.02.08); 800m U20 – Nye Davis (2.03.50); 800m U15 – Samuel Creagh (2nd, 2.20.93), Marcus Creagh (7th, 2.25.35); 800m U13 – Adam Pomeroy (5th, 2.40.08), Owain Jones (6th, 2.40.72), James Bexson (11th, 3.05.95); 1,500m Senior – Danny Tolhurst (1st, 4.38.05); 1,500m U17 – Fergus Allison (3rd, 4.25.85), Oscar Barbour (5th, 4.36.00); 1,500 U13 – Owain Jones (5th, 5.17.24), Rowan Love (9th, 5.34.40), Archie Musk (10th, 5.44.36), James Bexson (11th, 5.59.14); 1,500m Senior – Emma Slevin (2nd, 4.49.98), Alice Reed (3rd, 4.53.10); 1,500m U15 – Hannah Bexson (8th, 6.11.89); 1,500m U13 – Imogen Sheppard (3rd, 5.32.47); 5,000m Senior – Emma Bexson (2nd, 20.56.51); 70m Hurdles U13 – Lucy Smith (3rd, 12.42), Olivia Guy (7th, 15.54); 75m Hurdles U13 – Zephan Boxall (1st, 13.40), Dion Love (2nd, 14.93); 75m Hurdles U13 – Emily Madden Forman (3rd, 12.00) 11.76 PB in her heat; 80m Hurdles U15 – Jack Sumners (1st, 11.61 Championship record), Oliver Cresswell (2nd, 12.30); 100m Hurdles U17 – Rory Dwyer (1st, 12.72 Championship Record); 110m Hurdles U20 – Alex Grant (1st, 14.94); 400m Hurdles U20 – Polly Lapage Norris (2nd, 69.55); High Jump U17 – Rory Dwyer (1st, 2.13m – Championship Record); High Jump U17 – Isabelle Cain-Daley (1st, 1.60m); High Jump U15 – Oliver Creswell (2nd, 1.63m); High Jump U13 – Rowan Love (2nd, 1.39m); High Jump U15 – Emily Madden Forman (1st, 1.58m); High Jump U13 – Barunka Lowe (1st, 1.28m); Long Jump U15 – Daniel Boyd (1st, 5.66m), Jack Sumners (2nd, 5.28m), Lucas Spencer (4th, 4.05m); Long Jump U13 – Michael Boyd (2nd, 4.53m); Long Jump U13 – Dion Love (5th, 4.22m), Cole Williams (6th, 3.97m), Joel Hinton (10th, 3.04m); Long Jump U15 – Emily Madden Forman (2nd, 4.90m), Maddy Snow (6th, 4.33m), Jess Sheppard (7th, 4.18m), Charlotte Rigby (9th, 4.04m), Jessica Allen (10th, 4.04m), Charlotte Ledden (11th, 3.99m), Ally Keays (13th, 3.62m), Jaymee Lucking (14th, 3.31m); Long Jump U13 – Lucy Smith (3rd, 4.17m), Olivia Guy (4th, 3.90m), Imogen Sheppard (6th, 3.81m), Jasmine Williams (11th, 3.47m), Holly Appleton (14th, 3.01m), Gabriella Porter (15th, 2.86m); Shot Put U15 – Lucy Smith (5th, 7.04m), Hannah Bexson (6th, 6.83m), Jaymee Lucking (8th, 6.18m), Ally Keays (9th, 5.73m); Discus U15 – Charlotte Rigby (4th, 16.11m), Jaymee Lucking (7th, 13.90m), Emily Smith (8th, 13.65m), Charlotte Ledden (9th, 11.82m); Discus U15 – Daniel Boyd (3rd, 26.22m); Javelin U13 – Imogen Sheppard (2nd, 16.96m); Javelin U15 – Jess Sheppard (2nd, 22.71m); Javelin U15 – Daniel Hague (1st, 39.11m).

U11 Quadkids results: 75m – Millie Perkins (6th, 12.44), Emily Curtis (8th, 12.51), Sarah Evans (10th, 12.79), Faye Gourlay (12th, 12.98), Freya Appleton (14th, 13.27); Long Jump – Sarah Evans (6th, 3.08m), Emily Curtis (9th, 2.82m), Millie Perkins (10th, 2.55m), Faye Gourlay (11th , 2.52m), Freya Appleton (15th, 2.43m); 600m – Faye Gourlay (4th, 2.08.95), Freya Appleton (9th, 2.22.43), Emily Curtis (12th, 2.25.38), Millie Perkins (13th, 2.27.15), Sarah Evans (15th, 2.28.62); Howler- Emily Curtis (5th, 18.95m), Sarah Evans (8th, 15.70m), Millie Perkins (12th, 11.90m), Freya Appleton (14th, 10.25m), Faye Gourlay (18th, 9.15m).

Quadkids U11 Girls Final Standings – 7th Emily Curtis, 8th Sarah Evans, 9th, Faye Gourlay, 13th Millie Perkins, 15th Freya Appleton; 75m – Jamie Spiers (1st, 10.98), Louis Kendrick (8th, 11.82), Oscar Trinick (9th, 11.87), Jack Hemming (11th, 12.20), Josh Mitchell (16th, 12.89), Oliver Wild (19th, 13.25), Harry Gravelsons (21st, 13.73); Long Jump – Jamie Spiers (1st, 4.04m), Matthew Bexson (4th, 3.42m), Louis Kendrick (8th, 3.40m), Jack Hemming (9th, 3.01m), Josh Mitchell (12th, 2.80m), Oscar Trinick (17th, 2.54m), Oliver Wild (18th, 2.51m), Harry Gravelsons (20th, 2.38); 600m – Louis Kendrick (2nd, 1.57.24), Matthew Bexson (5th, 2.02.10), Jamie Spiers (6th, 2.05.07), Jack Hemming (9th, 2.10.75), Josh Mitchell (11th, 2.13.75), Oscar Trinick (15th, 2.19.34), Oliver Wild (17th, 2.20.68), Harry Gravelsons (19th, 2.30.24); Howler – Jamie Spiers (1st, 32.59), Louis Kendrick (6th, 24.65m), Oliver Wild (8th, 22.68m), Oscar Trinick (9th, 20.45m), Jack Hemming (15th, 16.29m), Harry Gravelsons (18th, 14.67m), Matthew Bexson (19th, 14.27), Josh Mitchell (20th, 14.15m).

Quadkids U11 Boys Final Standings – 1st Jamie Spiers, 4th Louis Kendrick, 10th Jack Hemming, 11th Oscar Trinick, 12th Josh Mitchell, 14th, Oliver Wild, 17th Matthew Bexson, 21st Harry Gravelsons.


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