23rd Jul, 2017

Club is in safe hands

Liam Moakes 17th Aug, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

THE FUTURE of Stratford Athletic Club’s juniors section looks in good shape after the dominant under 11 team won their CSW 4 multi-event division against the Solihull and Leamington clubs.

The league is split into girls year 3/4, boys year 3/4, girls year 5/6 and boys year 5/6 groups and athletes compete in 75m, 600m, long jump and the howler throw.

With a combination of a great team spirit and impressive all-round performances across the team, the Stratford youngsters’ superior cumulative points over the three matches saw them win the league, albeit with a depleted team.

They also won the individual boys year 3/4, girls year 5/6 and boys year 5/6 age groups.

Team manager Carolyne Johnston said: “I am delighted with the talent that’s coming through the age group and the superb effort from all of the athletes who have supported the club during the season.”