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The UK’s Love for Lattes and London’s Brewing Coffee Craze!

Stratford Editorial 1st Nov, 2023   0

Oh, Britain! You’ve always been known for your love of tea right? But let’s spill the beans – or I would say, coffee beans! The UK’s coffee scene is buzzing. And it’s clear that Brits are turning more and more to a bigger caffeine hit.

I mean, who could resist a warm, comforting cuppa to start the day or as an afternoon pick-me-up? And with all the fascinating data from tastecard’s latest study, you’re in for a brew-tiful read. Let’s dive in!

Coffee Types the UK Can’t Get Enough Of

Now, we Brits might have our disagreements – jam or cream first on a scone, anyone? But if there’s one thing we’re united on, it’s our love for coffee. And guess what? The numbers are in! Americano wins out, with a staggering 1,350,960 searches in 2023*.

Following closely behind, the chic Flat White with 216,800 searches, the creamy Cappuccino dancing its way to 177,600 searches, and the chill Iced Coffee rounding it out at 96,800 searches.

As for the top coffee purchases, according to a tastecard’s sample audience, the Latte is reigning supreme with 41,900 sales, Cappuccino (again, yay creamy goodness!) with 23,300 cups sold, and the Americano at 20,100 sold.

Now, if that doesn’t scream “We LOVE coffee!”, I don’t know what does…

Beyond the Big Names

Sure, when someone says ‘coffee hubs’ in the UK, the immediate thoughts race to London, Edinburgh, and Manchester. They’re the titans, right? But, let’s spill some beans here.

Cities like York, Brighton, and Bath are quietly brewing up a storm! Look at those search numbers! York with its 82,080 searches, Brighton not too far behind at 78,720, and Bath with a commendable 76,240. It’s clear that it isn’t just the giants that have the coffee passion. The heart of the UK’s coffee community beats strong and fast across the map. From the bustling streets of Bristol and Cambridge to the historical beauty of Coventry and Chester, the aroma of coffee love wafts through them all.

The Joy of Savings with tastecard

Alright, so Londoners, here’s a fun fact for you. You’re splurging an average of £3.25* on a cup of joe! Now, before you drop your biscuit in surprise, get this:

You are losing a whopping £117 each year if you are buying 3+ coffees a week!

However, with your tastecard’s trusty Coffee Club in your back pocket you could reap £££s back.

Yes, you read that right! You could enjoy a tasty take out without burning a hole in your pocket.

Plus, if you’re about to explore some fantastic dining spots after grabbing your coffee, tastecard has dining offers across the county, from Edinburgh to Stratford restaurant deals the UK has some mammoth savings to be made. Now, if you ask me, that’s a win-win.

My Favourite Coffee Haunts

Now, as much as I adore my homemade brew, nothing beats the experience of sipping coffee in a cosy café, people-watching, and soaking in the ambiance. And guess where you can get a whiff of the most aromatic blends? Right in the heart of London at places like Pure Caffe, Cafe Mode, Caffè Nero and Black Sheep Coffee.

The capital of caffeine, London has got a mind-blowing volume of 778,160 average searches! But, Edinburgh also doesn’t hold back with 162,320 searches, followed by Manchester, Birmingham, and Oxford. Honestly, it’s no surprise. From quirky indie coffee shops to established chains, these cities are every coffee lover’s dream.

A Tantalising Trend 

Have you been noticing the shift in your local coffee shops? No, I’m not just talking about the décor. I’m talking about the milk options! With big cities like London leading the way, there’s a rising demand for almond, oat, and soy milk options. But hold on, these aren’t just for the health-conscious among us. It’s all about embracing those flavours and giving our taste buds a well deserved treat. The UK coffee scene is absolutely buzzing with these new tastes!

Our beloved UK is definitely buzzing with coffee vibes, and if you think of it, this love story is just beginning. Whether you’re a Latte lover, an Americano aficionado, or a Cappuccino connoisseur, there’s no denying the charm of a freshly brewed cup of happiness. And with tastecard’s delightful deals, it’s time to raise our mugs to great coffee and even greater savings! Cheers!

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