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The Best Apps For The Winter Season

Stratford Editorial 5th Jan, 2024   0

With the winter season and holidays finally at our doorsteps, the time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the winter charms has come! Family, foods, a fireplace, and something to drink goes without saying, but you can also enhance your holiday season with tech. Your trusted mobile phone can do wonders with the right apps, and the suggestions below will guide you through the snow and holidays.

1. Apps for gaming

The fun does not stop when holidays come, and quality casino games and places are all open 24/7 via our recommended casino apps UK list. You can play your favorite games like all types of Crash variants, live stream poker, slots, and other favorites. Most of the casinos from our list include a welcome bonus, which is their way of wishing for a happy holiday season.

2. AccuWeather

Snow is great, but a snowstorm is only romantic if tucked in your home, next to something (or someone) warm. While we all expect cold, snow, ice, and similar chaotic weather here in the UK, knowing the time and intensity of these events is also valuable. AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps available, as it can show your local weather, hour-by-hour chances, a 10-day prediction, and nationwide forecast, all from your phone. The app updates with the latest weather forecast data, and you can even browse the weather worldwide.

3. Drive Weather

Speaking of weather, we would like to cover one more app related to the elements, mainly for those who will drive to friends and relatives over the darker months. Driving during winter conditions differentiates vastly from other seasons and requires preparations. Even if your car is all set, you’ll still need to know the weather forecast for all parts of your trip. More so if you are driving to a distant location, as winter weather can change by region and within a short period. The Drive Weather app will show you the optimal route to your destination, with all the necessary info along the way, so you can travel safely and reach your destination with minimal hustle.

4. Romantic Fireplaces

For some, winter is a time of romance and love. Snuggled together beneath a blanket in your warm home while the snow gently falls is magic by itself. But not all homes have a fireplace to complete the scene, and that’s where the Romantic Fireplaces app comes in. The sounds and sight of a burning fireplace can mimic the real thing, and it even allows you to adjust the tempo and intensity of the flames. After all, lights are out, this is the one which can still “burn” in your home, alongside the one in your hearths.

5. OnTheSnow

Yes, snow can get everywhere during the winter months, but more often than not, the winter weather can botch and not appear on ski resorts! The one place where we can all agree that snow is welcomed at any time can be bare or low during prime time. And, as it usually happens, this happens just as you’ve booked your vacation and are putting on your skis. OnTheSnow is one of the best apps available, as you’ll see live streams, forests, sky and snowboard conditions, snow quality, and plenty of other details, which can all help you in selecting your next sky resort. And you don’t have to worry if there is no snow near you, as OnTheSnow covers around 2000 and growing ski resorts worldwide.

6. Alto’s Adventure

Speaking of snow and magic, snow-themed games are abundant, but Alto’s Adventure stands out. It’s minimalistic, but its charming graphics, warm soundtrack, gripping dashing gameplay, and fun characters to unlock, have all contributed to over 50 million downloads to happen. If you don’t wish to go out and want to remain in the comfort of your home, but still be entertained, then Alto’s Adventure gets the job done. Skiing over mountain tops, jumping over chasms, and saving lamas are some of the game’s highlights, while others are waiting for you to discover and experience.

7. SuperCook

What to cook and what to eat? Holiday food may be in abundance, but when you are craving that something, SuperCook can pitch in and save the day, and your tummy. You can input what you currently have at home, and SuperCook will recommend plenty of mouth-watering recipes for you to choose from.


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