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Summer Olympics France 2024 Betting Guide

Stratford Editorial 20th Mar, 2024 Updated: 26th Mar, 2024   0

The Olympics are approaching in roughly 170 days, yet certain competition specifics have already been finalised. The Summer Games kick off officially with the Opening Ceremonies on July 26, 2024. However, several qualifying events including archery, soccer, handball, and rugby will commence as early as July 2024.

Summer Olympics Odds Anticipated for 2024

Following a global pandemic that halted sports worldwide, enthusiasts witnessed a surge in Olympics odds during the previous competition cycle. Consequently, these significant betting events occurred within a notably condensed time frame. This guide will delve into the general strategies and guidelines for Olympics betting, allowing bettors to capitalise on this opportunity.

How to Strategize Your Olympics Betting Timing

Following three consecutive Olympics in the Far East, a shift to France promises to enhance the viewing and betting experience in the UK and even the US. Managing time zones posed challenges in Pyeongchang, Tokyo, and Beijing. Such circumstances are hardly conducive to the world of sports betting. While the Summer Olympics France games are expected to narrow the time gap for some events, a day in France begins (and concludes) earlier compared to typical viewing patterns in the US.

Varieties of Olympic Betting Options

Olympics betting mirrors conventional sports betting in many ways. While the specifics may differ, bettors will encounter familiar options such as moneylines, totals, and futures bets. These include wagers on the number of gold medals American athletes will secure during Olympic events, as well as bets on outright event champions and simpler bets on premier sports.

Olympic Proposition Bets

While every major sporting event boasts its share of whimsical proposition bets, there’s something about the Olympics that ignites the imagination of oddsmakers. Bettors can expect to find an array of proposition bets, including team and individual props, alongside bets on the opening ceremony. From speculating whether the torch will extinguish before the final runner lights the flame to more unconventional scenarios, or even whether Boris Johnson would accidentally set his hair on fire with the Olympic torch. Embrace the excitement of the latest season of international competition and camaraderie.

Live Betting During the Olympics

During the Olympics, sports betting applications offer live in-game betting, which is among the most favoured and lucrative forms of sports betting, particularly for sportsbooks. For instance, a significant portion of internet sports betting revenue in the UK, estimated at 75%, stems from in-game micro-bets. These micro-bets involve predicting the outcome of the next play and often spark spirited discussions among spectators. Sportsbooks are keen to capitalise on the opportunity for live betting whenever applicable during the Olympics.

Olympics Betting Odds Dynamics

The movement of Olympics odds leading up to and during the games mirrors what bettors typically encounter in regular-season sports. Oddsmakers, who possess deep knowledge of the sports they set odds for, determine these odds. However, they also possess financial acumen, adept at managing risk. They adjust the odds strategically to ensure that sportsbooks don’t incur excessive payouts (after all, sportsbooks aren’t in the business of charity).

How to Place Bets on the Olympics

Betting on the Olympics is a straightforward process. Bettors simply need to locate a sportsbook, complete the registration process, and make their initial deposits to commence betting. Nevertheless, once a sportsbook is selected, bettors are required to create accounts, providing standard login credentials along with personal information. The registration process typically includes a space to enter promo codes, while additional bonuses can be accessed by following the instructions outlined in the sportsbook’s promotions section. Once registration is complete, bettors can proceed to make their initial deposits, select their preferred odds, and place bets on their chosen sports wager.

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