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Merch, Travel & Cover Head-to-Toe: Best Ways to Support Your Favourite Football Team!

Stratford Editorial 28th Oct, 2021   0

IT could be argued that there are not many more passionate people in the world than those who follow a football team. Supporting a club can be something that many people get behind as it can have an incredible impact on their lives, with some actually fully taking over their lives and making everything else seem to be rather pale insignificance.

Indeed, supporting a football team can be one of the best experiences that an individual ever gets to experience, however it is one that can also be considered a rather emotional experience as well as one that can, unfortunately, provide some rather darker days than brighter ones when football is concerned.

Nonetheless, the one thing that brings all fans together is the love of the game itself and the routines that can take place on a match day, with many actually following the same traditions as fans of their arch-rivals!

However, what is the best ways available in order to support your favourite team in the best possible way? Here are just some of the best tips that can be used to ensure an individual gets the very most out of supporting their club.

Back them at all costs

As mentioned, there are times when supporting a football club can be rather difficult as there have been cases whereby teams have simply not played well and have found it challenging to produce the performances and the results on the pitch. This is simply part of being a football fan, though, as almost every football supporter will have experienced it at some point or another.

In fact, some would suggest this is where the “true fans” of the team emerge and this could be the best time to show just how much of a fan an individual is. Despite the poor form, placing a wager on your team to turn things around as quickly as possible with the best Premier League latest odds available is one way to show your support and commitment to the team, as this is literally putting your money where your mouth is and showing you believe in them.

Travel home and away

One of the best experiences about being a football fan is surely being able to go to the matches that are played each season, although this is something that has started to become incredibly costly and one that may not actually be too logistical at times, especially when the length of the country has to be travelled for a midday kickoff on a Saturday or a late evening kickoff in midweek.

However, many passionate fans simply look to do what they can to show their support to their team and cost does not always come into the equation as they look to go to every home and away game possible. By going to each game, it shows a certain level of support and an undeniable passion for the football team being followed.

Failing this, it is perfectly acceptable to sit at home or in a bar and watch each and every game on the television. Many find shouting at the TV somehow helpful, but it shows everyone you are with just how much you support the team being watched.

Purchase merchandise

A football shirt is perhaps the biggest way in which many will showcase their support for their favourite football team, with many donning the strip of their favourite team whenever they go out or, at the very least, on a match day.

Indeed, there is no clearer sign about who you support than this, although additional pieces of merchandise can help individuals in their pursuit of supporting their favourite team. There are so many items emblazoned with the club’s crest these days, it would be impossible not to find something without the logo pictured on it.

Cover yourself in paint, stickers and apparel

There are a few fans around the world that have managed to acquire global fame for their support of their favourite football clubs because of the way that they appear in the public eye, especially on game day.

Some fans will cover themselves head-to-toe in their club’s colours, with hats, suits and shoes being used, whilst others will cover their face in paint and have the club’s badge painted onto their cheeks. Those that are really passionate about their clubs will sometimes go down the route of obtaining a tattoo, with it being perhaps the most permanent way of showing support for their chosen team.

Nonetheless, there are a number of ways that an individual can show support for their favourite football team, although what works for one fan may not work for another. As long as you know you’re supporting them, then do what feels best for you!

Contributed article written by Lukas Constatine


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