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Gamble emotional motivation - social data review

Stratford Editorial 26th Jan, 2023   0

THE ORGANISATION of any activity or business primarily involves planning.

The sphere of casinos and gambling is a unique environment where every player must be satisfied even if he did not receive the desired winnings.

This means that the time spent should be enjoyable.

This applies to the visual design of games, their diversity, music quality, the interface’s convenience, and much more.

British operators actively monitor the preferences of their visitors.

And yet, now that online casinos are oversaturated, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a good choice, and therefore players often turn to UK casino reviews.

Such reviews allow players to keep abreast of current trends and, at the same time, select the most exciting games for their individual needs.

To make the right choice, you first need to understand what type of player you are.

Perhaps you just want to unwind after a day at work in a stuffy office.

Perhaps you are a professional player and want to prove to yourself and others how strong your luck and prudence are.

Perhaps you are seeking recognition of your social status and are ready to prove it by receiving special VIP privileges and placing stakes above others.

Awareness of such things is fundamental and largely depends on your motivation. What is yours?

What is it like for other players? This is our article.

There are many types of motivations in the casino industry, and they can intersect in one person without contradiction. All of them can be divided into two types:

  • Motivations associated with emotions and mood;
  • Motivations associated with income and finances.

Basically, one person has at least one motivation from the first group and one from the second because we all want to spend time with pleasure and earn some money simultaneously.

So in 2018, a study was conducted in which the main emotional priorities of the players were determined.

About them below.

I play because it makes me feel good

The main purpose of any game is to have fun. If the game is not fun, then what’s the point of playing it?

According to the survey, 84 per cent of all participants agree that the time spent playing the game cheers them up.

Their choice is those games in which the time spent will pay off with the pleasure received.

I play because it teaches me to take risks

Among all respondents, 46 per cent said that the experience of playing in a casino is reflected in their ability to take more risky actions in everyday life and therefore gives them self-confidence.

For these people, the game is not only a pleasant pastime but also a training of their nerves and control of emotions.

Such people prefer games in which something depends on their choice. These are card games, roulette, or baccarat.


I play because it allows me to experience life to the fullest

Also, 66 per cent of respondents reported that there is not enough risk in their life, which means that time in the casino allows them to supplement their lives with the spectrum of emotions that they lack in everyday life.

For some, it is necessary to be able to monitor the process and let go of the reins of control if, in ordinary life, you have to control many separate functions.

Such people choose slots.

Other respondents reported that they choose roulette because they like the feeling of risk from an immediate choice, while their work and life generally are too monotonous and constant.


I play because it allows me to forget about my problems

For 44 per cent of respondents, the game process and the ability to fully concentrate on it are important.

Playing time allows them to let go of everyday problems and relax.

The meaning is not in the game’s pleasure but in liberation from life’s problems.

For many of these players, the type of game is not important, and usually, the choice is quite diverse.

However, there is a noticeable trend toward choosing live games with a real dealer.


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