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Do I need to Hire a Bailiff? Let’s Find Out

Stratford Editorial 8th Apr, 2022   0

Debt collection can be a bit challenging. It is a very careful procedure where you have to look after your relationship with the debtor while maintaining the seriousness of the issue. Although you would want to scream through the phone to get the overdue debt. But that only worsens up the process and makes it go out of hand as well. And it won’t work either.

The best way to manage debt collection professionally is to take help with bailiffs. You can apply to the court and manage the process legally. However, doing it all on your own is a bit complicated and stressful too. This is where a bailiff comes in to be your best helping hand.

How can Bailiff Help You?

Wondering how a bailiff can help you in debt collection? We have got you covered!

Sending letters through the court can be helpful. But many people fail as they do not have much knowledge about the court procedures. This is where a bailiff can be beneficial. They have perfection in collecting overdue debt through the court. With some simple strategies, they make it possible.

Here is how hiring a bailiff can be helpful for you.

1. Time-Saving:

Debt collection can demand a handful of your time. And as time is one of the biggest assets for all, you want to utilize it smartly. When you hire a bailiff, you ensure that a professional individual or his/her team is managing your procedure. From drafting the required documents to doing in-depth research and following all the accurate methods; bailiffs make sure that you don’t have anything to worry about. Furthermore, they manage the debt collection quicker.

2. Higher Success Rate in Debt Collection:

The term bailiff suffices to make people uneasy and a bit intimidated too. They really help people in getting the debt that has been long overdue. According to stats, bailiffs have a much higher success rate in debt collection than people who try to get their debt, on their own. They help you attain the outcome that you wish for.

3.  Bailiffs also act as a Buffer:

The bailiff acts as a buffer between the business owner and the customer. The hardest part about being a business owner, with a debt overdue is that you have to maintain a positive relationship with your customer as well. You want to make sure that they continue placing orders in the future too. This is where a bailiff can be beneficial as they act as buffers too.

For example, if the customer wishes to have a debt discussion, you can put the bailiff on the forefront. As you are out of the discussion, you can maintain a healthy relationship with the bailiff while the procedure is also being done.

Can Bailiffs Enter the House if you are not Physically There?

For people who have to pay the long-overdue debt, the biggest concern is the power that bailiffs hold. One of the major queries for bailiffs is whether they can enter their property premises in their absence or not.

This comes down to the situation; if anyone in your house lets them in; they are allowed to enter your premises. However, the entry has to be peaceful. On the contrary, they certainly cannot break into the house. If other people live with you; you can let them know that the bailiff is not allowed to enter the premises, if you are not there.


Debt collection is very stressful for the collector and it is super challenging if the individual is not paying easily. Managing legal procedures without much experience is a hassle. It also comes along with large risks of losing the case. Therefore, hiring a bailiff can be very helpful.

To conclude it all; do you really need a bailiff? If your debt collection is long overdue; you definitely need one. Having the power of a bailiff on your side is ideal to manage debt overdue. It depends on the process, lessens the risk of losing, and helps you maintain your relationship with the customers too.


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