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Black Rook Hold — A Mythic+ Dungeon Guide for Season 3 in WoW: Dragonflight

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A Mythic+ dungeon in WoW: Dragonflight Season 3 features an intense fight with Illysana Ravencrest and the other creatures as you progress further into Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest’s keep. As Mythics are frequently completed by a group of players who do not know each other, it can be challenging for players unfamiliar with each other’s playstyles and abilities to complete the dungeon. If you want to play not with random players but with a stack of professional gamers, you can always order a WoW mythic boost. In case you are not yet familiar with the tactics of the bosses of the M+ dungeon of the Black Rook Hold, we recommend that you get to know them now. In this article, we will talk about the skills of all the dungeon bosses and the ways to defeat them.

Where Is the Entrance to Black Rook Hold Located?

The gateway to this instance resides in the western expanse of Val’sharah within the Broken Isles. The quickest way to get to it is to use a portal from any capital of your faction to Azsuna and then fly on your fly-mount to the entrance gate. Druids can use the Legion expansion’s Dreamgrove teleport from their spellbook to cross the bridge, enter the portal to the druid class hall, and fly down.

Black Rook Hold Boss Fight Tactics

Black Rook Hold features four bosses in the order encountered as you progress through the dungeon: Lord Etheldrin Ravencrest (Left Path), Lady Velandras Ravencrest (Right Path), Amalgam of Souls, and Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest (End Boss). Let’s discuss how to deal with each boss one by one.

Amalgam of Souls Boss Fight

Tanks should position the boss away from the group and promptly step out of the frontal attack, Reap Soul. Maintain a loose spread and avoid the area denial effect of Swirling Scythe. If afflicted with Soul Echoes, cautiously move out of the ground effect and steer clear of your party for the duration. When the boss reaches 50%, it activates Call Souls; prioritize killing them using slows and crowd control. Once all souls are eliminated, brace for the boss’s powerful party-wide hit Soul Burst, amplified by 30% for each soul that reaches it. Utilize a defensive ability to mitigate the damage. Following this phase, the boss returns to its normal state.

Illysanna Ravencrest Boss Fight

Ranged players should maintain a spread to prevent Brutal Glaive from affecting other party members. The three players targeted by Dark Rush need to form a small triangle near the boss, minimizing the number of Blazing Trail puddles on the platform. It’s crucial to note that this ability always jumps to the nearest targeted player. Tanks must be vigilant against the formidable physical strike, Vengeful Shear.

Upon reaching full energy, the boss leaps to the platform’s edge, summoning a Soul-Torn Champion and a Risen Arcanist — similar to previously encountered trash mobs. However, the Arcanist now targets random players, so interrupting it is essential. After reaching full energy, the boss channels Eye Beams onto a random ranged player until her energy depletes. It’s advisable to maneuver this on the room’s edges to minimize the space occupied by Felblazed Ground. Subsequently, the boss reverts to its normal phase.

Smashspite the Hateful Boss Fight

Refrain from soaking Hateful Charge if you already have a debuff stack, unless your character has some skills with physical immunity (like Evasion or Blessing of Protection) or if you play as a tank. Stay vigilant for knockbacks triggered by Earthshaking Stomp and Hateful Charge.

Players targeted by Fel Vomit should direct the beam along the platform’s sides to prevent cluttering the area with Fel Vomitus. Tanks should be aware that the boss accumulates Brutality based on melee attack damage. When reaching 100 Brutality, the boss unleashes Brutal Haymaker against the tank, inflicting a 75% damage increase for 15 seconds. Use defensive abilities to mitigate this impactful hit.

Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest Boss Fight

In Phase 1, engage Kur’Talos Ravencrest until reaching 20%, with Latosius launching side attacks at players. Heal the random player targeted by Shadow Bolt, steer clear of the Dark Blast line attack, and avoid the path of the Whirling Blade. Note that tanks incur a stacking, infinite-duration bleed from Unerring Shear in Phase 1, so be cautious transitioning into Phase 2.

In Phase 2, confront Dantalionax, concluding the boss fight upon defeating him. Shortly into the phase, you’ll gain empowerment from Legacy of the Ravencrest, elevating damage, healing, and health by 300%. Evade Cloud of Hypnosis puddles, dispel magic on any player affected to remove the sleep effect, and swiftly dispatch the Stinging Swarm. Brace for Shadow Bolt Volley, delivering a significant party hit with a 10-second DoT; use a defensive ability on its initial cast before Legacy of the Ravencrest buff. When the boss initiates Dreadlord’s Guile, run along the room’s edges to evade multiple Dark Obliteration casts.


Getting good at the Black Rook Hold level in Season 3 of WoW: Dragonflight requires planning and working together. It’s important to know how bosses work whether you’re in a Pick-Up Group or playing with a professional stack. Each fight, from the opening in Val’sharah to the difficult boss fights with Amalgam of Souls, Illysanna Ravencrest, Smashspite the Hateful, and Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest, is different. To beat this tough Mythic+ dungeon, remember to adjust your play style to fit your party’s needs, make good use of your class’s skills, and talk to your other players.

Article Written by Chloe Boone.


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