September 30th, 2016

Villagers rally to save Tiddington Fields

Villagers rally to save Tiddington Fields Villagers rally to save Tiddington Fields
Updated: 7:37 am, Sep 11, 2015

VILLAGERS in Tiddington are rallying to save historic fields from developers.

The prospective site – Tiddington Fields – which has been owned by Clifford Chambers Charities and enjoyed by villagers for nearly 300 years – is the target of developers looking to build 60 homes.

The application has prompted villagers to form Save Tiddington Fields-Oppose Planning (STOP) to fight the plans put forward by Warwick-based Gallagher’s Estates.

An action group spokesman said: “We are so upset to see these precious fields under threat. We are aware that the residents of Clifford Chambers’ have just fought off a similar development in their own village.

“With that in mind, we appeal to the people of Clifford Chambers and the trustees of the charity to think twice before taking away the lungs of our village.”

Residents fear the development will only add to the village’s existing traffic problems.

A lifelong Tiddington resident said: “I have lived in this village for 56 years and have seen these fields first used for grazing by the local milkman’s shire horses, Starlight and Mary, then by Alveston Football Club as a football pitch and by children throughout the years as an idyllic place to build dens and play.

“In all seasons these fields are so beautiful and it will be such a sad loss to our village if they are built on.”

Visit Save Tiddington Fields – Oppose Planning on Facebook for further details.