September 7th, 2016

District council planning notices to your email inbox

District council planning notices to your email inbox District council planning notices to your email inbox
Updated: 4:18 pm, May 07, 2015

PLANNING notices could soon be sent straight to your inbox.

Stratford District Council is currently looking at new ways to get planning information out to residents and businesses.

And in a move away from the more traditional advertising method, the authority has created a special online tool, which it is hoped will help parishes, partners and residents access information on new planning applications in their neighbourhood.

As it stands, site notices are put up in an area subject to potential development and details of these planning notices are then made available on the council’s own website, Twitter and Facebook pages as well as appearing each week in The Observer – in the print and online versions.

But the new online tool – free to anyone who registers via the district council’s website – will send email alerts notifying people of any planning applications registered within their selected geographical area.

The tool, which has been designed in-house, will not replace the press and site notices and is being introduced to supplement the existing arrangements.

It is an additional method of communication which the authority believe will be more targeted, reliable and immediate for all those who register.

Urging people to sign up to the scheme, district council customer access spokeswoman, Coun Jennie Ellard, said: “I hope that as many people as possible take advantage of this new service.

“The district council is committed to using every possible method of improving communication with residents, businesses and communities across our district.

“This new tool, which has been developed by our own staff, is an excellent example of this commitment.

“By registering to receive these alerts everyone with internet connection can be notified of planning applications within minutes of the application going live.”

Visit to sign up to the new planning notice service.