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The organisational lifestyle: how to get rid of unnecessary stuff

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Decluttering refers to a method you can use to systematically declutter and part with excess possessions. Our six tips will help you create order in your four walls and you will have more time to enjoy play slots online.

Decluttering is a systematic method to help you tidy up and get rid of unnecessary possessions. “Clutter” can be translated as “disorder” or “clutter” and “to declutter” accordingly means to get rid of the clutter.

As indicated earlier, however, decluttering is not just a fancier word for tidying up, but relies on a system. The basic idea of decluttering is to take a small-step approach to decluttering. This is meant to help especially those who have a hard time parting with things. The quick, visible successes are also meant to fuel motivation and prevent overwhelm.

In this article, you’ll learn how to declutter your home or workplace using six decluttering steps.


The right preparation is key

Before you start decluttering, you should first make a list.

Decluttering involves careful preparation. Before you start decluttering, you should first make a plan.


Step 1: Make a list

First, decide which rooms you want to declutter. Write down a list. Then divide the rooms into specific areas. For example, a sub-item for the kitchen could be the kitchen shelf. In the study, the desk surface might be particularly messy. The trick is to avoid large projects, as they can quickly overwhelm you. Instead, break down a room into many small pieces, such as individual drawers or boxes.

Step 2: Set priorities

Decide which area needs to be decluttered the most urgently and make it a priority. Then follow with the other areas – their order will also depend on the urgency of the cleanup. Then divide each area into two categories: ‘quick to declutter’ and ‘time-consuming to declutter’. You can mark them on your list with different colors.

Decluttering: How to get started

When decluttering, start with light areas.

Now you can start decluttering. But here, too, you should proceed systematically.

Step 3: Start with quick success

Tend to start with the areas whose decluttering is not so time-consuming. These are, for example, areas that are not too messy or that contain mainly items with little emotion or memory attached, such as your kitchen equipment. This way, you’ll have a quick sense of accomplishment and be more motivated to keep going.

Step 4: Establish more categories

When sorting out items, you should divide them directly into three categories: Keep, Give Away and Temporary Storage. The items in the third category should all be stored in one place, for example, in a box. You can keep them for up to a year and test them during that time to see if you still need them. Anything you haven’t used after a year can then be given away.

Decluttering: The conclusion

After decluttering, you can give discarded items a second life.

To anchor your newly created order, you should take the following steps to heart:

Step 5: Give things a permanent place

All the items you want to keep should be given a fixed place in your rooms, where you will put them back after each use. For example, it’s a good idea to keep all your pens near a place where you use them frequently. You can keep them all in the same box in your desk drawer.

Step 6: Give things a new home

Instead of throwing away all the discarded items, you can give them a second life in a timely (!) manner. By selling them at flea markets or on internet platforms like Vinted and Ebay Classifieds, you can even earn some extra money. Especially clothes, toys and household utensils are good to donate to social organizations and institutions. Another simple solution is to put them in a “give away” box on the street.

What happens once you are done?

Decluttering your apartment creates order and freedom. We give you tips on how to do it properly and what to do with the sorted out items and how to keep it that way.

Clearing out your apartment: This is how you do it:

If you want to clear out your apartment, you should do it in a sustainable way. This means that you should take enough time to proceed with small steps. These three tips will make it easier for you to declutter your home:

  • Define an area: Write yourself a to-do list for this purpose and take on one area every day. Depending on how much time you have, you can focus on a different room or a small area, like the closet, each day
  • Use visible results as motivation: If you try to declutter everything at once, it will quickly overwhelm you. But it can motivate you if you have visible progress at the end of the day, such as a decluttered closet
  • 3-box method: It’s best to have enough boxes ready for the decluttering process. This is how you can proceed with the 3-box method. In one box you put what you absolutely want to keep, in the second box you put what you want to sell, give away or donate and in the third box you put what you want to dispose of.

Article written by Ina Adamson.

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