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It’s now more and more important that we support local shops and businesses because of the threat they face from multi nationals and from on line sales – they offer so much not only to their Customers, but also to the local community as a whole.

  1. Local Shops and Businesses create and sustain more jobs locally and together they are the largest employer nationally. They provide jobs to the residents of our communities and in many cases, they provide better working conditions and benefits than the big chains do.
  2. Local Shops and Businesses are at the centre of our local economy, and shopping locally is better for the local communities as research has shown that money spent locally stays within the community and helps our local community to thrive – unlike spending with the multi nationals or online agencies based far from our community or even far from our shores.
  3. A Better Shopping Experience – Local Shops and Businesses offer a Better Quality of Service. Local Business Owners and their Staff offer much better service because they really care about what they do. They are far more likely to offer better, honest and realistic advice about the choice of products and services they provide – they are often far more likely to go over and above the call of duty to ensure your satisfaction.
  4. After Sales Service and Attention – Local Businesses are always there to call upon if you do need them after you’ve made your purchase for advice and attention if required.
  5. Creative, and Diverse – Local Shops and Businesses provide so much more choice in terms of uniqueness – so you can in turn, develop your own style and even when you are searching for that personal gift with a difference, you are much more likely to find it in a local shop rather than the same as everyone else, in a multi-national.
  6. Competition – A local marketplace of hundreds of small businesses is the best place to ensure low prices and competition.
  7. More Environmentally Friendly – Small Independent Businesses usually source locally and they use less packaging than the bigger retailers. This in turn reduces the global footprint as they inevitably need less transportation thereby reducing ‘pollution’ for us all – and of course it means less waste and less goes into fill up landfills.
  8. Local Shops and Businesses help build local communities and community identity. Communities are defined by their local distinctive shops and Businesses and the personalities of the Owners of these shops shines through – a Local Shopping Centre with vibrant shop fronts is a perfect place to meet and shop and interact with other members of your community – it’s informative as well as the displays and services on offer, keep us all up to date with not only the tried and tested products but all the new innovations too.
  9. Supporting local enterprising entrepreneurs – people like Sir Alan Sugar – love him or not, you have to admire the man who started selling car aerials from the back of a van, bought with his modest savings – he relied on the support of his local community to kick start his business during his early and difficult years – so why not support your local businesses too – who knows you may be giving other budding local entrepreneur the little nudge and help they need to succeed and create more jobs locally and even more choice within our own vibrant community.
  10. It’s fun to shop locally on your local High Street, your local neighbourhood Shopping Centre or Town Centre – its much more fun that looking round a large superstore. You can interact with the helpful staff as well as having the opportunity of bumping into family and friends who are also ’doing their bit’ in supporting their/our local community.

And an ‘extra one’ …..number 11 – buying goods and services on line is not all its cracked up to be (unless your are buying online locally) – we hear of so many disappointed folk who thought they were saving money by buying on line – but didn’t receive the goods they thought they were buying or the pictures were misleading and most importantly oftentimes, there is no helpful advice or after sales service from someone you can actually see, speak to, and relate to, once a purchase has been made and delivered – you are then on your own, usually hanging onto a telephone for hours listening to a pre-recorded message stating ‘we know you are waiting, but you are in a queue and we will answer your call shortly’.

So please do support your local Shops and Businesses because they care, and they will continue to care long after you’ve made your purchase; and what is more, you are helping to create jobs and you are supporting your own living, breathing and ‘continuing to thrive’ local Community.

Happy Shopping and Happy Supporting Local Shops and Businesses.

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