September 5th, 2016

Duo set new club records

Updated: 5:26 pm, Jun 09, 2015

KEIR LEWIS and Alison Bagnall both set club records as Stratford Cycling Club staged their latest ten-mile time trial.

Lewis broke the Junior record by clocking 22 minutes, 54 seconds on the K33/10D Dunnington course, while Bagnall set a women’s club record with 25.15.

Club time trial champion Mick Stallard is having a great season and with a time of 21mins, 42secs on a windy night was very much in form. He was followed home by the fast-improving Peter Ward in 22mins, 37secs.

Visitors had a good night with Richard Bussell (RST Aero Coach) setting the fastest time with 20.32.

Results (Stratford riders): Martin Millington 23.02; Adrian Osborn 23.34; Robin Corder 23.36; Alan Coley-Smith 23.43; James Fidoe 23.48; Carl M Taylor 24.13; Lloyd Walton 24.27; Nigel Jones 24.59; Stephen Eggleton 25.00; Max Yates 25.04; Paul Freeman 25.13; Alison Bagnall 25.15; Chris Huxley 25.42; Keith Walton 25.59; Keith Fitzgerald 27.07; Declan Logue 28.48; Ashley Mason 29.25; Will Osley (punctured) 38.43; Miranda Harris (did not finish).

Visitors: Richard Bussell 20.32; Xavier Disley 21.02; Ian Heming 21.36; ChrisWard/Martin Gotrel (tandem) 21.54; Duncan Webb 23.19; Rich Shephard 23.33; Debbie Sheridan 26.15; Fenella Brown 28:22; Jeremy Stone 22.02; Colin Williamson 24.44; Brian Cartland 23.16; Steve Groggon 24.19; Phil Groom 26.52; Mark Cooper 23.02; Paul Guy 25.03; Mark Daffin 24.19.