September 29th, 2016

Boxing academy girls are fighting fit

Updated: 4:16 pm, May 07, 2015

STRATFORD & District Boxing Academy’s female stars enjoyed a flying start to the season with two excellent victories.

First up was national champion Molly Perkins fighting Chloe Gorringe from Berinsfield, Oxfordshire, and Perkins secured a points victory.

Head coach Mat Pickering said: “Molly’s first round was the best display of boxing I have seen since she has been with the club. This sets her up nicely for the championships.”

Making her debut for the club was Miriam Zouhou in her bout against T Brathwaite of Golden Gloves ABC.

At approximately 40 seconds in the first round the referee stopped the contest and would not let the bout continue.

Pickering said of Zouhou’s success: “It’s good to finally see her in the ring. I’m keen to get her out again as soon as possible so that she can get as much experience as possible ahead of the championships.”

Victorious Molly Perkins and Miriam Zouhou. (s)