September 30th, 2016

Armitage shines in national 50-mile event

Armitage shines in national 50-mile event Armitage shines in national 50-mile event
Rosie Armitage has been in impressive form. Picture courtesy of Mick Stallard. (s)
Updated: 10:27 am, Jun 30, 2015

FORMER Stratford Cycling Club champion Rosie Armitage – now riding in a sponsored capacity for Pershore-based Echelon-Rotor – finished with an outstanding time of two hours, one minute and 33 seconds in the national ladies’ 50-mile event at Whitchurch in Shropshire.

Armitage finished eighth in a field of 48 riders as Julia Shaw (drag2zero) triumphed in 1:53.09 and Armitage then competed against the men in the Stratford Cycling club ten-mile when once again Keir Lewis broke yet another junior club record. Armitage recorded a time of 23.02.

Using the K33/10D course, winner of the Stratford event was Mick Stallard who is having a very good season and it seems is always the one to beat.

The fastest rider on the night was Stallard with 21.50, followed by record-breaking Lewis with 22.32 and Pete Ward who was third for Stratford with 23.04.

Other Stratford CC results: 4th Adrian Osborn, 23.47; 5th Carl M Taylor, 24.27; 6th Alan Coley-Smith, 24.39; 7th Max Yates, 25.22; 8th Stephen Eggleton, 25.25; 9th Alison Bagnall, 25.45; 10th Paul Freeman, 25.50; 11th Chris Huxley, 26.38 12th Charlie Edmonds, 27.52 13th Nicholas Gardner, 28.23; 14th Ashley Mason, 29.50.