September 29th, 2016

Repair Cafe opens doors in Stratford on Avon

Repair Cafe opens doors in Stratford on Avon Repair Cafe opens doors in Stratford on Avon
Updated: 4:00 pm, May 07, 2015

DON’T throw things away if they can be repaired.

That’s the environmentally-friendly plea from local sustainability group, Transition Stratford, which will be running the town’s first-ever Repair Café on Saturday (March 28), as part of the Warwickshire Week of Thrift.

Repair Cafés offer the chance to get repairs done, and find out to carry our repairs, while also enjoying a coffee and a slice of cake.

The Stratford Repair Café will be held at the Ken Kennett Centre on Justins Avenue from 11am to 3pm. Volunteer repairers on hand with expertise in sewing, knife sharpening, simple electrical and woodwork repairs, and general household repairs. All repairs will be carried out free, though owners may be asked to pay for new parts if these are needed.

“Too often we throw things away if they stop working when a simple repair might keep things going for a long time to come.” said Tanya Butchers of Transition Stratford, who has organised the event.

“A Repair Café offers simple repairs for free as well as showing owners how things might be fixed in the future. There’s also an opportunity to learn and to meet with others over a cup of coffee and a slice of homemade cake.”

A Repair Café should not however be seen as a substitute for a professional repairer.

Tanya added: “If the repair is beyond the capacity of our volunteer repairers, we’ll try to advise where it might be fixed.

“The Repair Café is not competing with specialist repair businesses: in fact we want to encourage people to use local professionals. That’s why Transition Stratford has compiled a list of local repair businesses which will be available free at the Repair Café.”

For more information about the Repair Café, contact Transition Stratford on 01789 298503.