September 5th, 2016

Henley school digs deep for latest lesson on environment

Updated: 9:40 am, Jun 22, 2015

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY youngsters at a Henley school dug deep for their latest lesson.

Pupils and staff at River House escaped the classroom for the day when they were joined by staff from food procurement company PSL.

Between them, the group planted a number of Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Crab Apple trees in the grounds of the special school, which caters for secondary-aged students with serious and persisting social, emotional and mental health issues.

The project is part of a wider partnership between PSL and Carbon Footprint, which will see them sponsor the planting of 264 trees at the Stratford Road school.

Dr Wendy Buckley, client director at Carbon Footprint, said: “By planting trees, not only are PSL offsetting their carbon emissions, they are making conscious steps to educate young people on the importance of looking after our environment.”

And a school spokeswoman added: “The aim at River House is to provide a welcoming, safe and stable learning environment where pupils can learn the skills of acceptable behaviour and make good academic progress.

“The trees the pupils plant will help add to the existing school community garden and supplement existing hedging.”