September 5th, 2016

Colourful project takes root in Stratford

Colourful project takes root in Stratford Colourful project takes root in Stratford
Greenhill garden gateway - left to right - Steve Felix of Blenheim Nurseries, Richard Vos of Stratford in Bloom, Coun Jenny Fradgley, Cynneth Bonanos of Mailboxes, Andrew Edwards of Scullery 33, Phil Atherton of Stratford Alehouse, and Stratfordward manager Karen Wild. (s)
Updated: 4:06 pm, Jun 22, 2015

A COLOURFUL colonnade now welcomes visitors to Stratford.

A project to improve one of the main routes into the town has taken root with the installation of new pavement planters.

Greenhill Street – which links the railway station to the market square – now has 12 planted boxes arranged on the pavements on each side of the road.

Karen Wild, Manager for Stratforward Business Improvement District (BID), said: “This relatively short and narrow road is in fact one of the most important streets in the town. Partly because of its historic importance but also because of it being one of the key gateways into modern Stratford.

“First impressions count, and for many this street offers the first real opportunity to experience what Stratford has to offer. It is vital that it looks attractive and smart.”

The project is a joint initiative between Stratforward, Stratford In Bloom, Stratford Town Council, Stratford District Council, Warwickshire County Council and the traders of Greenhill Street.

Cynneth Bonanos, the business owner of Mail Boxes in Greenhill Street, said: “Many people pass through daily by foot and car without bothering to look at the shops and services on offer here.

“We have fantastic shops, food outlets and services – everything from ale to antiques, paintings to print and noodles to nails – and by making the road more attractive we hope that it will slow people down and make them look at just what is right under their noses here”.

Coun Jenny Fradgley, welcomes the new floral arrivals.

She said: “This is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when local organisations and businesses come together to work for the benefit of the town.

“I hope this is just the beginning, and between us we can do a lot more to transform what’s probably the most important and historic street in Stratford forming part of the original Roman Road that went through the town.”