September 6th, 2016

Pride & Prejudice – Tread The Boards

Pride & Prejudice – Tread The Boards Pride & Prejudice – Tread The Boards
Updated: 12:35 pm, Jul 08, 2015

ONE of literature’s greatest love stories, Pride and Prejudice, is next up Stratford’s Attic Theatre.

Tread the Boards tell Jane Austen’s classic story of the on/off romance of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy at the Lazy Cow venue.

Mrs Bennet is determined to marry off her five daughters to wealthy men to secure their futures but things do not go exactly to plan.

When feisty Lizzie first meets handsome bachelor Mr Darcy, she thinks him arrogant and conceited and is determined to dislike him.

But it is all very different for her sister Jane who immediately falls head over heels in love with the Mr Darcy’s friend – the charming Mr Bingley.

The cast includes Elizabeth Bryant, Henry Heathcote, Angela Myers, Benjamin Archer, Robert Payne, Lisa Glastonbury, Cassandra Atkinson, Ciara May Willson, Stephen Horncastle, Ashleigh Dickinson, James Tanton, and Andrew Woolley.

Directed by John-Robert Partridge, the production runs from July 2 to 19.

For tickets and further details visit or call 07952 819557.